Awesome New Events for 2017!

Hello everyone. Grass Valley Kenpo Family Karate is gearing up to have a great 2017! We’ve already attended our first tournament of the year and our first seminar of the year. We were very successful at Scott Halsey’s Karate Championships bringing home many trophies and medals. Brandon Hubbard of Hubbard’s Kenpo Karate hosted Senior Master of the Arts, Richard “Huk” Planas, in Folsom.  It was a fun and informative. A big thanks to Mr. Halsey and Mr. Hubbard for all their hard work hosting these events.

This Saturday, February the 11th, we will be holding a board breaking workshop. The cost is $30 for 5 boards plus the class. The proceeds will go to the students who are attending the Huk Planas World Kenpo Seminar in Las Vegas. Kenpo Karate stylists normally do not break boards, and this should be an exciting undertaking. Mr. and Mrs. Garcia will instruct the students on proper technique while giving them the confidence to do something they’ve never done before.

In March, we will be having our 3rd In-House Tournament. The cost is $20 for any and all events. This will also go towards the students attending the Las Vegas seminar. Our in-house tournaments have always been very friendly and a huge success for the students as well as the parents.

Lastly, we were contacted by Senior Master of the Arts, Darryl Liner of Premier Martial Arts in Elk Grove. He generously offered to teach a point sparring seminar on tax day, April 15th. He is a state and national champion in men’s adult point sparring and has years of tournament experience. We will have a flyer up for this event very soon.

Stay tuned for more exciting events!