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“Can’t say enough good things about this place. If you want a school that is empowering for your children, teaches them respect and the skills they need to be successful then this is the place.”Michelle G.

  • “My son and I both are attending and we love it, Mr Garcia is a great teacher!”

    Gene N.

  • “I couldn’t ask for two more patient, and kind people to teach my daughter.”

    Jessica C.

  • “My 6 year old son loves it! Good family oriented classes for several age groups.”

    Kevin C.

  • “This place is an amazing place for the whole family. My kids love it here and the teachers are very genuine.”

    Clara R.

  • “Our kids have had the best experience here. I cannot say enough good things about this place. The instructors treat the kids as if they were their own. They always encourage the kids to be their best! Great family atmosphere with real people looking out for each other. They have taught me to be a better parent just through watching them with all the kids. Can’t imagine our lives without them in it!”

    Tina G.

  • “I am a huge fan of this dojo. I used to attend women’s kickboxing before school took over and my fiancé was a guest that helped teach! Jakki and Dave are wonderful and make each class fun and exciting. Please give one of their amazing classes a try. You won’t be disappointed!”

    Kelsey Z.

  • “If you are looking for a place to enroll your child, where the owners/instructors (Mr. & Mrs. Garcia) care more for your child and about developing their character and building their self esteem, than making a profit for themselves, then you have found the right place. My daughter took martial arts at another studio and it was not nearly the quality of instruction or care. I don’t endorse many businesses, but this one is the best of its kind. They have classes for adults too, but I am really impressed by how much they will care for your child while making it fun for them too.”

    Scott A.

  • “We’ve been at Grass Valley Kenpo Family Karate and LOVE IT! My son has been practicing martial arts since he was 5 and this is by far our favorite dojo. The instructors are excellent and it is so empowering for the kids. I love watching their transformation from shy to strong and capable. The kids are amazing and many of them have been practicing together for quite a while and they have become very bonded and are wonderful teachers and role models for the younger kids. The parents are pretty awesome too.”

    Frieda L.

  • “I’ve been taking classes from Mr. and Mrs. Garcia since July of 2011. I started off with kickboxing and loved it so much that I decided to take up karate six months later. I went from not working out at all to working out three times a week. I managed to lose 60 pounds in the process and I feel amazing! Grass Valley Kenpo Family Karate has completely changed my life.

    Now my husband joins me for co-ed kickboxing on Friday nights and my oldest son takes the Tiny Eagles class on Tuesday and Thursday. The karate school really is a family friendly environment. Mr. and Mrs. Garcia are incredible teachers and I would highly recommend their school to anyone.”

    Cynthia S.

  • “My 10 yo daughter has been learning the skill and art of Kenpo Karate for nearly 2 years now at Grass Valley Kenpo Family Karate and still, I contend, Mr & Mrs Garcia are the most talented, respectful, insightful, fun and inspiring sifus there can be. Jolie’s experience at this wonderful dojo has been the best confidence-builder ever! I also love howw much our sifus care about our community: teaching self defense classes for women; hosting Karate tournaments that benefit a local charity; caring about the welfare of their students in REAL LIFE…
    I wish every child (& adult) could learn from the best, Mr. & Mrs. Garcia!”

    Stephanie A.

  • “Mrs. Garcia has taught my son to be able to focus better and respect people. I highly recommend this dojo. Family environment and teaching true skills. I appreciate the time she takes with the kids.”

    Sabrina L.

  • “Grass Valley Family Kenpo Karate is a great fun and happy place. Mr. and Mrs. Garcia are wonderful with the kids. The kids learn and have fun too. Rates are very reasonable. I love to take my grandson to class. Want to take KARATE come here!!”

    Vicky P.

  • “David and Jakki are great people running a great school. It is always a pleasure to work with them! You cannot go wrong studying martial arts with them. They take personal interest in their families and students that are part of their school!”

    Jesse B.

  • “I have known David and Jakki Garcia when they opened GV Kenpo Family Karate. They take personal interest at what they teach their students. They teach the true art of Kenpo.”

    Jake D.

  • “Great energy and wonderful Kenpo Family atmosphere! I have trained in many schools and it was my absolute pleasure to work out with Mr. & Mrs. Garcia today and exchange some insights (I am a better martial artist for it!) Oos!!!”

    Shawn K.

  • “I was impressed and humbled to work out at this school. The level of passion and commitment to Kenpo is self evident. OSU!”

    Michael F.

  • “Great Kenpo school, wonderful people! David and Jakki are real Martial Artist demonstrating all of the qualities of true Budo.”

    TR C.

  • “Jakki Garcia personally inspired me to save myself from a crazy woman and her huge boyfriend who tried to terrorize me (in a laundromat–how totally Jerry Springer!🤣) on Easter. I’m 70, 5′ tall, 110 lbs. and they trapped me. SO: I used my VOICE. I got so loud and sounded so angry that they actually kinda backed off. I pulled an audience from the neighborhood. It was an awful experience that involved the cops, but I saved myself. TAKE THIS (women’s self defense) CLASS”

    Jacalyn R.